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Our Clients appreciate Neil’s passion for residential landscaping and garden design. With over 28  years experience his skills as a designer, and his creative use of top-quality materials. Supported by a handpicked team of experienced specialists in soft landscaping, hard landscaping and everything in between.

Client Brief

This is the first or early meeting whereby the client explains their ideas and requirements. These ideas are discussed and explored, with the Garden Designers input and interpretation of the project. We also discuss at this stage the Garden  Design & Build process in general, Project budgets, Planning & Licences (If required) time lines and Design Fees. It’s helpful for the Garden Designer at this stage to get as much information and understanding of the client’s requirements tastes, and style preferences. From here we develop a written Design Proposal outlining the Brief, our Design Concept overview, and Design Fees. This lets the client know that we have a good understanding the project, the client’s requirements and have creative ideas and insight to develop the project. Once the terms of the Design proposal are agreed we the move to the Garden Survey and Project Planning

Garden Survey

This is where we measure the existing garden, for use at the Design stage . We will also introduce the client to our in-house Garden Designer and Project Manager. The existing level changes, buildings, trees, utilities and services all need to be recorded. Access information is also noted, as this will have a bearing on project planning and related costs. We also take photographs of the site and use this at the garden Design stage. Pre-Design we will create an existing drawing of the garden and this will help us during the design process and give vital information eg for retaining walls, excavation volumes and garden layout. Many Garden Designs are what is termed site driven which means we use the existing landform to guide our ideas and inspirations.

Design Detailing:

We can supplement the 3d design Model also with Construction Design detailing. This is help full for the client to understand how something is built and is great for, features, stairs, bespoke built benches, etc. We can also use to show elevations on say more complicated terraced gardens, showing the build-up and relationships between various levels, retaining walls and steps. Lighting schematics are also covered at this stage, but placement is al

3D Visualisation:

This is a computer-generated model to scale showing the Garden Design layout, features, materials and planting. It can also show selected design detailing and construction detail .The garden can be viewed from many angles, showing how the design works, what you will see from key points, like from inside the house or looking back down the garden. It helps the client to understand the design, routes of flow etc. We can illustrate types of planting and how the garden will look once planted. We can also show how lighting can work and can give an idea of the atmospheres intended.


Master Plan

The final stage of the garden Design process is to create a Master Plan. This has all the detail required to construct the garden, showing dimensions, and building details, features and is the garden blueprint and final draught of the 3d Design. It’s really a more in depth and detailed extension of the 3D concept and visualisation drawings. This stage can also be by passed with a view to keeping down design cost. Another benefit of using a good Design and build company is that we can estimate as we go from the concept 3d Visualisation. This is often done to keep client Design cost down and as main revenue comes from the build itself .As a Design and Build company we prefer to put the budget where it counts

Design Fees:

As a Design and build company we aim to offer very competitive Garden Design fees and can create a Design and build package. Design fees can be a percentage of build and operate on a sliding scale depending on size of project. They can also be offered as a flat rate fee This is best discussed on site as part of the brief. Projects vary greatly and we assess each project bespoke and on its own merits. A small Contemporary Roof Terrace or Contemporary Courtyard Garden can be very design intensive even though on the whole not a big project, whereas a Large Family Garden may require more Landscaping, with new retaining wall, new steps and new lawn . The garden design for this type of project is generally more straightforward and requires less time but it can be a larger budget project. This is one plus points of creating flat rate Design fees opposed to a percentage of budgets. Garden Design Fees usually fall between £400- £ 2000 for larger project Estimate, Project Management & Build: We like to present the estimate initially as an itemised list of costs, broken down into sub groups, so the client can see the cost for each element of the project . Within these sub groups there will also be costs options eg. We may present three different type of garden fencing, hardwood decking or patio costs using different stone. This gives the client the opportunity to explore design v cost. Projects mostly have budget restrictions and so important for the client to know exactly what can be achieved. As part of the project estimate we will propose timelines, key target dates, duration of project and Terms and conditions. This explains the client /contractor obligations and requirement


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