Depending on the type of wood you choose, in the short term timber can be the most budget-friendly option. Pressure treated wood has the lowest material cost of any decking type.

Timber offers a more natural look. Sometimes you need the rustic charm timber can offer. Timber has a natural warmth that perhaps can’t be achieved by plastic or metal decking options. Timber can also be stained in various colours and finished with a number of textures and styles.

With timber such as pressure treated wood, redwood and cedar labour costs can be low. With some sources citing that these materials have some of the lowest upfront installation costs. It is easy to work with as it can be cut, shaped and sanded quite simply.

Redwood and cedar timber decking materials are less prone to warping than cheaper alternatives. If good quality wood is used they can also be more resistant to rotting and insects.

Timber decking is flexible and can be easy to cut up and rearranged in to new styles and layouts.

Hardwood decking options can have a life expectancy of 40+ years and require less maintenance than cheaper alternatives.

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